Stainless swteel grease strainer 1.90 quart bacon oil container with removable filter-dustproof lid, dripproof base,for cooking oil, fats, olive Oils



  • Perfect for bacon grease and oil storage for regular, keto or paleo diets.This cooking oil container comes with a comfortable handle and less prone to getting hot.
  • Fry your tasty bacon or whatever you can think of, then pour the excess fat thru the oil strainer directly into the catcher.
  • (1.3 quart or 41 fl oz) &(1.9 quart or 60 fl oz) Made out of stainless steel. No rust nor easy damage.
  • Use the hidden strainer as a separator for all the particles and the little spout to help with pouring .The lid fits over the mesh screen and canister for a clean looking dispenser.
  • Using this metal jar allows you to wash the fryer without throwing away the oil each time. Dishwasher safe.