Small Fryer Filter Bag & D Size Frame, MirOil EZ Flow Filter Bag and Frame Combination Set, Ideal for use with MirOil 30L Oil Caddy, Part 02742, Durable, Easy to Clean with Hot Water



  • EASILY FILTER FRYER OIL – The MirOil CONE 2B – 02742 is designed to be used with the MirOil 30L 6 Gal Bucket and to help anyone easily filter their deep fryers. The CONE2B effectively captures even more micron-size food particles than high priced paper filters and is particularly well-suited for heavy crumb loads
  • MUCH MORE DURABLE THAN REGULAR PAPER FILTERS – The CONE2B EZ Flow Filter is made from heavy duty materials. It is much stronger than regular paper filters. You can even spray down the CONE2B filter cone with hot water and re-use it over-and-over-again
  • GOOD FOR USE ON 1000 FRYERS – The CONE2B is designed to be able to be cleaned with hot water and that way, you can reuse the filter in up to 1000 fryer filtering sessions
  • HIGH QUALITY FRAME CONSTRUCTION – The Frames on the CONE2B EZ Flow Filter are made from a rugged nickel-plated construction to give the filter an even longer lifespan
  • INCLUDES FRY POWDER SAMPLE SACHETS – The CONE2B comes with sample sachets of the MirOil Fry Powder as well as the filter bag and the filter frame. The CONE2B is designed to be used with the MirOil 30L Pot