24" 2500W Commercial Electric Griddle - Countertop Electric Grill Outdoor Cooking



Adjustable temp control ranging from 122°F to 572°F for different food requirements; Over-Heating Protection – Temp-limiting function to stop heating when over the setting te

Compact and sturdy & Cast iron cooking surface, evenly heated

Extra splash guards on sides and back of the griddle protect the user and surrounding walls from hot grease and oil splatters.Great for cooking vegetables, meat, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, etc.It is easy to operate and great for home and commercial.

Cooking grill flat have easy and quick cleaning with removable grease tray & smooth metal construction

Countertop griddle electric can be used at home or in commercial places, such as restaurants, stores, roadside stands and snack bars; Flat grills outdoor cooking stainless steel perfect for processing pancakes, crispy bacon, grilled cheese, fajitas, full breakfast, fried dishes, omelet, pizza, steak, burger, etc.